Quick-and-Easy Guide on How to Be Prom Queen

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Every girl wants it, but the reality is, not everyone gets to have it. The ladies in your high school halls all have the same desire, the same yearning, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it. We’re talking of course about the ever-sought-after title of Prom Queen.

No matter the decade, the location, or the school itself, Prom Queen is always a long-desired title by all the lovely ladies who attend a high school. The reality is though, only one lucky lady can be prom queen, and we’re here to tell you how to make sure that for you 2019 prom, it’s you!

We’ve teamed up with JJ’s House designer Jessica to give you a few must-know secrets that can guarantee your prom queen dreams for 2019! We’re sure you already have it in you to be the best prom queen your school has ever seen, so these are just a few checkpoints to ensure you seal the deal! Check them out below.

Get the Best Dress

Here’s the deal, the prom queen doesn’t mess around when it comes to her prom dress. From the moment she steps into to those glorious seconds she’s standing on the stage accepting her prized crown, she has the entire audiences’ attention. That means the dress she’s wearing has to be absolutely outstanding. The place to find an outstanding dress that makes you feel fabulous and glamorous is JJ’s House! They have thousands of options, from short prom dresses to long ones, to every style, cut, and color. If you’re looking for trendy prom dresses 2019 that’s guaranteed to win you the title of prom queen, look no further than JJ’s House!

Tie Together Your Whole Look

It can’t just be about the dress though – you need to make sure your entire look is on fleek! Make sure once you’ve selected the best dress from JJ’s House, you’re looking into their shoe and accessory options, too! Try to tie in all kinds of accessories to complete your look, especially if you need a few weather-permitting options like wraps, shawls, coats, or more! You have to ensure that your entire look is glamorous, beautiful, and prom-queen worthy!

Be Genuine and Kind to People

This one should be super easy because we bet that you’re already a genuine and kind person. So, all we have to say is – keep it up! If your peers are voting you into the role of prom queen, then continue to be kind, sweet, and wonderful to everyone you go to school with!

Have a Great Attitude

Just like you probably are already sweet and kind, you probably just naturally have a great attitude. Don’t slack on this! Keep up that positive, cheerful and happy vibe you probably already have. Why? No one wants a sourpuss prom queen! Prom queens are happy, bright, delightful, and positive – so keep that in mind before it comes voting time! You already look great, feel great, and are having a great time at prom – why not be positive and optimistic?

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